Gihan Chanaka Jayatilaka : Education : Undergraduate courses

Mathematics GP103 Mathematics 1 Real analysis
GP104 Mathematics 2 Linear algebra
EM201 Mathematics 3 Ordinary differential equations, probability
EM202 Mathematics 4 Statistics, vector calculus
EM313 Discrete Mathematics
EM314 Numerical methods
EM502 Optimization
EM503 Graph theory Spectral graph theory, abstract algebra
EM509 Stochastic Processes Measure theory, stochatic processes
EM514 Partial Differential Equations Fourier based, analytical and numerical solutions
EM525 Bayesian Statistics
EM527 (extra course) Operational research 1
CS algorithms CO322 Data structures and algorithms
CO542 Neural networks and fuzzy systems
CO551 Theory of computation
CS research courses CO227 Computer engineering project Foreground estimation in dynamic background conditions
TR400 Industrial training ML aided screen to camera communication
CO421 Final year project 1 Dark arts: algorithms for enhancement and interpretation of low light images
CO425 Final year project 2 Dark arts: algorithms for enhancement and interpretation of low light images
Computer courses GP106 Computing Numerical computing packages
CO221 Logic networks
CO222 Programming methodology
CO221 Computer communication networks 1
CO224 Computer architecture
CO225 Software construction
CO226 Database systems
CO321 Embedded systems
CO223 Computer communication networks 2
CO224 Network and web application design
CO225 Computer and network security
CO326 Computer systems engineering
CO327 Operating systems
CO328 Software engineering
EE courses GP108 Electricity
EE282 Network analysis
EE285 Electronics 1
EE386 Electronic devices and circuits 2
EE387 Signal processing
Technical courses GP109 Material science
GP110 Engineering mechanics
GP111 Elementary thermodynamic
GP112 Engineering measurements
GP113 Fundamentals of manufacture
GP114 Engineering drawing
Forced to take GP101 English 1
GP102 English 2
EF501 Engineer in society
EF509 Engineer as an entrepreneur
EF524 Bussiness law
CO422 Professional practices
CO423 Software project management
CO424 Information systems management
EF513 Introduction to music
EF528 Introduction to digital art Extra course. Failed and dropped