Gihan Chanaka Jayatilaka : Blog : Installing KDE Plasma Desktop Environment on Arch Linux

This blog post is incomplete. Please run the following commands. An explanation will be added later.

  1. You should first connect to the internet. Read this article.
  2. pacman -S xorg xorg-xinit
  3. echo "exec startkde" > ~/.xinitrc
  4. pacman -S plasma-desktop
  5. pacman -S sddm
  6. systemctl enable sddm
  7. pacman -S konsole dolphin firefox vlc
  8. pacman -S breeze-gtk breeze-kde4 kde-gtk-config
  9. SET breeze theme in all application styles
  10. pacman -S plasma-nm
  11. systemctl disable dhcpcd
  12. systemctl enable NetworkManager

[Written on : 10th July, 2020. Last edited : 10th July, 2020]